How to get unity in a blended family? Blended families normally need a third party who is knowledgeable on blended families to assist them because no two situations in a blended family are the same. It was never God’s best or intentions but because it is so prevalent in society today we have to learn how to work it out. The ultimate goal in any marriage is to have a husband and wife love each other the way God would have them to and that means being first place in each other’s lives. Then they need to make decisions for the family that are agreed upon by the both of them and thus present a unified front to the children. Whenever you love your child more than you love your spouse it opens up the door for disunity so you have to work really hard to stay on the same page for the sake of the family. In most blended families it takes some time before you can even come close to loving your new spouse like you love your children. The spouse is new and the children have always been there, but it must be a goal to gain that love for your new spouse for unity to exist.

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