How to get over unfaithfulness and trust again?

you can try this out You have to really want to forgive and trust and you have to sincerely ask God to help you forgive and trust. There does have to be some natural changes that occur from the spouse that was unfaithful. They have to be willing to change the habits that led to being unfaithful. They need to relinquish all secrecy and allow their spouse to be their accountability partner. The couple has to start engaging in a plan that brings them together more often doing things that both of them enjoy. The spouse that is trying to forgive and trust again also needs to be willing to meet their spouse’s physical needs as well or you can be setting them up for failure again. Ultimately if the two of you are following the plan of recovery, you will need to rely on the power God has put in you by Holy Spirit to forgive as God has forgiven you and you will need to strengthen your relationship with God.

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